Environment & Development Programme

The Environment and Development programme related work within RGJSS focusses on action research on environment regulatory regimes that impact people's livelihoods and environment. These include the mandatory processes related to environment, coastal regulation, and, forest clearances for industrial and infrastructure projects in India. The team carries out its work through site specific investigations, local level campaign support, national level policy research and strategic networking.


RGJSS in Protection of Environment

The difficult problems encountered in providing health care services to our poor people; spread the awareness to public protection of wildlife, forest, human right, Women and Children etc.

  • Creating awareness among the public on current environmental issues and solutions.
  • Being involved in the protection of human rights to have a clean environment.
  • Conducting participatory rural appraisal.
  • Facilitating the participation of various categories of stakeholders in the discussion on environmental issues.
  • Data generation on natural resources, time line history of villages.
  • Protecting the natural resources and entrusting the equitable use of resources.
  • Analysis and monitoring of environmental quality.
  • Organizing seminars, lectures and group discussion for promotion of environmental awareness.
  • Helping the villages’ administrative officials in preparation, application and execution of projects on environmental protection.